Discovery School

Based Child Care Program of Kingsville Inc.

The Discovery School-Based Childcare Program of Kingsville Inc. seeks to support families by providing dependable, high-quality child care that enhances the life experiences of the children and parents within our communities by following the strategies set out in the following program statement. Our philosophy is to support a continuum of learning through andaisies environment that will offer the children many opportunities to experience success as competent, curious, complex thinkers, and rich in potential, which will foster a sense of belonging, well-being, engagement, and expression within each child ("How Does Learning Happen", 2014). We encourage, not just learning, but also the love of learning.
To promote the health, safety, and well-being of the children, Discovery monitors the children's health upon arrival and throughout the day, and responds to any health and safety situations that may arise. If a child does not seem well at any point throughout the day, proper protocol will be followed according to our program procedure. See subsection A- Health, under the heading Health, Safety and Nutrition in the Parent Manual. Discovery provides nutritious meals and snacks according to the Canadian Food Guide ("Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide"), and the Healthy Eating Indictors' Tool, while establishing a positive eating environment. Children will have the option and flexibility during open snack periods to select healthy, well-balanced and nutritious foods. Lunches will be served Homestyle, with staff assisting children when needed and monitoring the children's safety. Both meal and snack times will ensure children have an opportunity to develop their self-help skills by preparing and serving food to enhance socialization, self-regulation, and language skills.

Discovery School Based Child Care Program of Kingsville Main Office

46 Division Street North,
Kingsville ON N9Y 1C9

P: 519-733-8202

St. Anthony
Catholic School

166 Centre St.
Harrow, ON

P: 519-733-8615

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St. John De Brebeuf
Catholic School

43 Spruce Street
Kingsville, ON

P: 519-733-6203

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Queen Elizabeth
Public School

4 Maxon Street Leamington,
ON N8H 2E2

P: 519-322-5532

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Gosfield North
Public School

302 County Road 27 Cottam,
ON N0R 1B0

P: 519-839-4646

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Gore Hill
Public School

1135 Mersea Road 1,
Leamington, ON N8H 3V7


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