Welcoming & Transitioning Policy

Purpose: to make all children and staff welcome in their environment promoting respect for all.
This policy is developed to ensure good communication regarding expectations between the Discovery School Based Childcare Program and its staff.

In acknowledging the importance of welcoming and transition of children the Discovery School Based Childcare Program will incorporate the following policy;

1. All new children and their parents/caregivers will be orientated to the Discovery School Based childcare program by having a site orientation prior to starting with the program. If need be the parents will book set visits for the child to become familiar with the program.
2. Communication is the key to building successful relationship between parents/caregivers and children.  Upon the child's first day at the program and thereafter, the teacher will be welcoming to both the child and the parent with a daily greeting and brief update of the day's events this allows the children to feel welcome and to reassure the parents are leaving their child in the best of care. 
3. If the child has not had an orientation to the program the teacher will follow through with showing the child around the classroom to make them feel comfortable in their new surroundings and the Supervisor will be informed.

The same principals apply for when a child is in the transition process to another room (moving up) expectations;

1. Be prepared in advance for the child coming to your room. Have their cubby ready for their belongings (labeled). Have a welcome certificate or moving on up welcome card to make the child feel welcome.  It says to parents that you care about their child, setting the tone to build on this new relationship.
2. Prior to the big move allow for the child to have timed visits in their new room, as this will prepare them for when they will be spending the full day.
3. Spend some time with the child to make them feel reassured in comfortable in their new surroundings.
4. Show the child around the classroom noting some very simple rules so the child is aware of what the expectations are.
5. Introduce the child to the other children as this promotes relationships, pair them up with a buddy if need be to get them building on new friendships.
6. Read through the child's information before hand to have a good understanding of the child's needs and crucial information such as allergies. Sign anaphylactic policy if they have one.
7. Explain classroom routines and let the child know what will be happening next. Don't assume that the child will know this as every classroom is different. Especially if the child has not been in a structured setting.
8. Call the parent/caregiver of a child mid-morning (if necessary) to let the parent know that their child is o.k. This reassures the parent that their child is in good care, and let them know that they are welcome to call anytime as well.
9. If you will not be around for pick-up time and want to touch base with the parent/caregiver to give them an update on how their child's day went, feel free to give them a courtesy call or leave them a note. This will solidify the trust placed in you by parent/caregiver.
10. Many of these tips have an underlying common theme- COMMUNICATION. A child's first experience in the classroom can be frightening and traumatic, or it can be relatively seamless, calm and fun. With a great deal of communication and some effort and sensitivity we can make transitions positive experiences for children and their families relieving some of the stress we associate with new enrollments.


Staff is the backbone to any organization's quality and service and it is all staff's responsibility to be respectful and cordial to one another building on fundamental relationships to be able to work together to meet the needs and goals of the organization. The following are things we can all do to make each other feel welcome and part of the organizational family.

1. Say "good morning" to one another as this initiates the tone for the day ahead.
2. Offer assistance when you see it is needed. We can help each other to ease the stress of day to day dealings.
3. Be respectful of individuality.
4. Let staff know when you are leaving for the day "have a good night, see you in the morning."
5. If we all work together, we can make Discovery the best place to work and play.

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