It is well established in common law that organizations providing programs and services to the vulnerable persons have an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure their safety and well-being. The Discovery Program will ensure that appropriate screening measures are taken before allowing any persons to engage with children entrusted in our care.  Organizations governed by the Act (under vulnerable sector) have a duty to protect children and carry out effective screening.

The Discovery Program holds the responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of every child who walks through its doors, while complying with the Child and Family Services Act (RSO 1990 chapter c.11).  This information is collected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
1. Any parents/guardians/students showing an interest in volunteering at the Discovery School Based Childcare Program will be expected to have a Vulnerable Sector Check, before being able to take part in any activities associated with the children in our care. The applicant must show proof of a V.S.C. with negative results before engaging with any child/ren entrusted to the Discovery Program.
2. A volunteer/applicant V.S.C. form will be provided by the Discovery Program and signed off by the authorized personnel.
3. Any of the above persons will also be required to complete a Health Assessment and Immunization Record Form by their physician showing negative results of a Tuberculosis Test.
4. The applicant must also sign a Confidentiality Agreement, to assure the discretion of information he/she may be privy to. The Discovery School Based Childcare Program will be mutually respectful in maintaining volunteer confidentiality.
5. It is observed that volunteers and students are supervised by an employee at all times, and will never be left alone with the children or counted as part of ratio with the children.
6. Discovery Staff is expected to demonstrate our Program's daily routine to our visitors, volunteers and students, to show for them how to properly conduct themselves in a childcare setting. Visitors, volunteers, and students are expected to support staff in the daily operations of the child care in a professional manner.
7. The Policy Manual will be read before starting placement to inform students and volunteers of the policies and procedures that need to be adhered to at all times while at Discovery. Please refer to the Student and Volunteer Expectations Orientation form for further details. (A Policy Manual is available at each site for your convenience.)
8. The Student/Volunteer will be monitored by the Supervisor of the site, as well as by the Discovery Staff whom they have been placed with. Each Student and Volunteer will go through a full orientation with a designated managerial staff member, just like all other hired staff at Discovery.
9. Staff, Volunteers, and Students are made aware of who is responsible of the implementation of the policies and supervision of volunteers and students at the time of orientation by the designated managerial staff member.
Outside agencies such as Children's First and Thames Valley staff (3rd party organizations) will have their own VSC as per their agency's requirements. A Third-Party Offence Declaration/ Attestation will be signed for Discovery by anyone entering the Child Care Program for the purpose of providing a service to the children.

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