Program Statement Implementation / Policy & Procedures


The Discovery Program will implement a program statement policy for all individuals involved in the care of children, are made aware of the expectations set out by the program.  The staff, volunteers and students will implement the approaches set out in the Program Statement which includes prohibited practices and how management will deal with contraventions. This policy will be developed in a manner that responses to the educators and staff, and provides them with the information they need to perform their work at Discovery.

Discovery's expectations of staff, students, and volunteers for implementing the Program Statement's approaches is to help achieve our goals for the children in our care. This will be demonstrated after a thorough orientation has been provided for new staff, as well as existing staff by having team meetings, peer coaching and mentoring, regular professional learning sessions, and the possibility of pedagogical leaders who provide on going professional support and training. During orientation, and at annual review times, all staff are made aware that the Policy Manual's Program Statement must be followed to ensure high quality care assurance measures/ mechanisms are being met. (Please refer to Section 1 for Compliance and Contravention Policy.)



Discovery's Program Statement Implementation Policy requires that all individuals involved in caring for the children are aware of the expectations set out by Discovery. The following are the staff expectations based on how staff, students, and volunteers are to implement the approaches in the program statement, what the prohibited practices are and how Discovery will deal with a contravention of the program statement and/ or a commission of a Prohibited Practice.
1. Staff will serve lunches Homestyle, assisting those children when needed, while monitoring the children's safety.
2. Staff will welcome Parents/ Guardians entering their classroom with a daily greeting.
3. Staff will provide information with Parents/ Guardians through various forms of communication.
4. Staff will show children how to acknowledge their peers with kindness, empathy, and respect by setting a positive example of these behaviours.
5. Staff will support the exploration in the children's indoor and outdoor play experiences by providing activities, such as sensory play, science experiences, fine and gross motor activities, art and music, language and literacy, and so on, for the children to choose from.
6. Staff will engage with the children to further scaffold the children's interest in an activity.
7. Staff will provide a safe welcoming environment, where children feel a sense of belonging through warm, supportive relationships with staff.
8. Staff will intertwine the children's learning environments, by bringing the outdoors into the classroom, and indoor activities, which means making every possible attempt to go outside each and every day for the Ministry required length of time.
9. Staff will attend all staff meetings, a parent night for their classroom, one fall parent social, and one parade per year, according to the CUPE Collective Agreement.
10. All staff will hold valid First Aid, CPR, and WHMIS training certificates to promote high quality care and safety within our program.
The primary purpose of the measures Discovery will use to deal with a contravention is to assist the employee, volunteer or student to understand that the requirements have not been met and an opportunity for improvement may exist. An employee shall be disciplined with just cause in an attempt to correct attitudes or conduct that interferes with the proper, efficient operation of the program, and for not following the Program Statement expectations.
The following are disciplinary actions, which may be used in the event that a Staff member is not following proper Policies and Procedures:
Verbal Reprimand
A verbal reprimand may be given by the supervisor or Executive Director in private, for a minor offense. A first verbal reprimand need not become part of an employee's file and the matter should be closed when a two-way discussion has been completed.
Letter of Reprimand
When a continued or serious infraction occurs, the supervisor or Executive Director shall write a letter in consultation with the Board of Directors, to the employee stating the infraction and warning him/her against further misbehavior.  A copy of this letter must be placed in the employee's file.
An employee may be suspended without pay, for a specific length of time depending on the seriousness of the offense while the case is being investigated.  An employee must be given written notice of such suspension.  Any employee may grieve any disciplinary action according to the grievance procedure.
Discharge will be used when other corrective actions have failed or are not applicable.  No notice is required where an employee is dismissed for gross misconduct (physical, sexual, verbal or inappropriate abuse of power).

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