To make our Discovery School Based Child Care Program a safe environment for all children, parents should be aware that there may be children attending the center with severe life-threatening food allergies (anaphylaxis). Some children are severely allergic to peanut products, including peanut butter, nuts, shellfish, eggs and milk, known to cause severe reactions. We want to inform you that exposure to a tiny amount of these items could be potentially serious and life threatening to a child with the allergy.
The key to preventing an emergency situation is diligent avoidance of the allergen. All food items served to the children will be purchased and prepared by the centre staff and/or centre Caterer. We apologize for any inconvenience, but Discovery does not allow homemade baked goods into our sites due to allergies, for example birthday cupcakes will not be allowed if baked at home. (Once-a-month Discovery celebrates the periodic birthdays for the children at the sites, and prepare some form of baked treats for all of the children to enjoy.) Our concern is that some foods may contain hidden ingredients that may pose a serious risk for the children with the allergen. Some parents prefer for their child/ren to have additional snacks during the after-school program, if this is the case please consult with the centre Supervisor and we will make arrangements to meet your needs. All food brought from home must have your child's name on it in order for us to allow them to eat it (name on lunch bag). All foods brought out must be shown to the teacher for approval to keep everyone safe.
Discovery is intent on fulfilling the needs of the children in our care. With this in mind we offer a nutritious breakfast, lunch, a.m. and p.m. snack.  We strive to meet the requirements of the C.C.E.Y.A. and the guidelines set out by Health Canada.
Children are encouraged to try all foods served. If your child has food allergies please make sure that the centre staff are informed and kept up to date about their allergies.  Special food requirement arrangements can be made with the Supervisor of your child's program. Special diets may require parents bringing in lunch for their child.

 Week Sample Menu:

Continental Breakfast

Served with fresh fruit, water or milk.

  • Oatmeal and Whole wheat toast
  • Multi-grain cheerios with milk & fresh fruit
  • Pancakes topped with fresh fruit
  • Bagels with butter
  • Whole wheat English muffins

A.M. Snack Full Day Programs

served with water

  • Triscuit crackers with cheese cubes
  • Greek yogurt with fresh fruit
  • Whole wheat banana muffins and cucumber slices
  • Seasonal fruit platter/thin crisp crackers
  • Hummus dip and fresh veggies

Lunch - Infant, Toddler & Pre-School

Served with Water or Milk & Fresh fruit daily

Beef Pasta Bake

  • Local grass-fed beef, brown rice noodles, local cheddar cheese with, marinara
  • Steam veggies

Veggie Ranch Tortilla Wraps

  • Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and GH ranch in a whole grain tortilla dressed with local cheddar
  • Quinoa and chick pea side

Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Brown rice noodles, fresh local veggies with organic chicken, and broth
  • Whole grain bun/roll

Meatball Wraps

  • Whole grain wraps, local grass-fed beef & cheddar, meatballs in marinara
  • Coleslaw
  • Organic Apple Sauce

Mac & Cheese

  • Brown rice noodles, local cheddar, organic milk & butter
  • Garden salad
  • Fruit cocktail


P.M. Snack Full Day and After School Programs

served with water

  • Rice cakes with fruit
  • Whole grain wraps with cheese or hummus spread & carrot sticks
  • Homemade Brownies and apples
  • Fish crackers & veggie sticks
  • Digestive cookies & Fresh fruit

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