Mandatory Staff Training

Staff Immunization and Record of Health Assessment

Prior to commencing employment, each employee must provide Discovery with a health assessment and record of immunization as recommended by the local medical officer of health, unless exempted based on the person's objections or physician's medical reasons submitted in a form approved by the Minister Exemptions made before Aug 29, 2016 shall expire on Sept. 1, 2017 unless a new objection or medical reasons are submitted in a form approved by the Minister.

Staff Training and Development

The Discovery Program strives to acquire new information so that employees can upgrade or continue to improve their skills/qualifications.  Staff training and development commences before the employee begins work with the children.  See orientation list for details.  All employees that have had orientation with the supervisors will have an opportunity to ask questions or concerns.  Staff will also be given the Union contract stating how contraventions will be dealt with.  Staff will read the following policies and procedures to know what is expected going forward with professional learning and qualification upgrades.  The management team will record when these upgrades have been completed as well send/post information of workshops, first aid dates etc. are available. 
Beginning September 1st, 2017, members of the College of Early Childhood Educators are required to start the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) portfolio cycle after their renewal date and complete it over a period of two years. CPL program requirements apply to all members of the College, regardless of whether or not they are currently employed as Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE). CPL program requirements are:
1. Expectations for Practice Module (2016 Edition)
2. Self-Assessment Tool (2017 Edition)
3. Professional Learning Plan (2017 Edition)
4. Engaging in and Complete the Activities Set Out in the Professional Learning Plan
5. Record of Professional of Learning (2017 Edition)
Note: for more information visit the College of ECE Website at
Professional development is key to staying current on what is going on in the Early Childhood field and we encourage all our staff to take part when they are able to do so. Discovery will from time to time be in a position to assist from our professional development fund, we will inform staff as needed. There is certain professional development that is the staff's responsibility to maintain,
a. Registered Early Childhood Educator status (we reimburse after staff have been with us for 1 full year)
b. First Aid and CPR (certified through City of Windsor) or staff pay out of pocket
c. WHMIS Training (reviewed yearly)
d. Epi-pen Training (reviewed yearly)
e. 2 PD events to maintain registration status, as well as 2 PD events for Non-RECE staff
f. Register Early Years Staff will follow the guidelines and obligations set out by the college (Ontario Regulation 359/15: continuous Professional Learning made under the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007)
g. Non-RECE Staff will also be expected to maintain the minimum standards set out by the College of E.C.E. as it pertains to PD Events, and will be advised of this standard by the administrative staff.


ONTARIO REGULATION 137/15 58(2) Every licensee shall ensure that every employee working at a child care centre and every provider of home child care or in-home services has a valid certification in standard first aid, including infant and child CPR, issued by a training agency recognized by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or otherwise approved by a director.

The Discovery Program will ensure that every employee working at the child care centre has a valid certification in standard first aid, including infant and child CPR (C and/or B) issued by a training course approved by WSIB. The Corporation of the City of Windsor has selected SECOND CHANCE CPR as the training provider for the Standard First Aid/ CPR Full and Re-certification training opportunity for Early Learning Professionals working in Child Care and Ontario Early Years Centres in Windsor and Essex County, which includes all staff who are hired by Discovery School-Based Childcare of Kingsville Inc. At no time an employee can work without a valid certificate. Discovery personnel shall also watch a training video from the WSIB. Certificates of Standard First Aid and Infant/Child CPR will be kept in the staff's file for confirmation.

Vulnerable Sector Check Policy

To ensure that the Discovery Program is a safe and secure environment for all children, employees, volunteers, visitors, special guests, and students, etc. must have a Vulnerable Sector Check completed, or an attestation or letter from their employer certifying that they have a valid VSC. The purpose of this policy is to promote the best interests, protection and well-being of children in our care and the staff we employ. The Discovery Program is responsible to support children's well-being while complying with the Child Care Early Years Act, 2014. Vulnerable Sector Checks are intended to screen out individuals who are not suited to work with children and to protect children from the risk of abuse or neglect.

The Discovery Program will ensure that appropriate screening measures are taken before allowing any of the above to engage with children/vulnerable persons entrusted in our care. New employees can start employment with the Discovery Program while they are waiting for the VSC to return.  They will be scheduled with an additional employee and the schedule shows they are not working alone.  New employees will sign off on an Offence Declaration.  It will be placed in their file until the VSC report returns.
Ontario Regulations requires all persons will complete a vulnerable sector check every 5 years and signing an Offence Declaration each year in between.  The VSC forms part of the hiring procedure, and all hiring decisions are the complete responsibility of the agency. 

1. Upon the successful recruitment of any person to the Discovery Program they will be required to follow through with a Criminal record check and Vulnerable Sector Check.                                     
2.  The person must show proof of negative results for the search of;
a. Sexual Interference
b. Child Pornography
c. Duty of Persons to Provide Necessaries
d. Murder
e. Infanticide
f. Convictions under the Criminal Code of Canada
3. Discovery will keep all documents and information in the strictest of confidence. Vulnerable Sector Check/ Offence Declaration information provided by the police to agencies for employment screening can be used only for hiring/ termination purposes and will not be addressed with other agencies or references. The Administrative team for Discovery Child Care will review the Use of Information found on the VSC to determine if a staff will be allowed to continue working or will be terminated. When or if a criminal offence has taken place, a meeting will be held with the employee and Board Members to discuss the severity of the offense.  Upon that meeting a decision will be decided to further employment or to termination. When submitting a VSC or Offence Declaration that has an offence stated the document will be placed in a sealed envelope with the Executive Director's signature across the seal.  It will stay sealed at that employee's site location until the Program Advisor opens it.
4. The cost of the criminal reference check is the responsibility of the applicant or volunteer. For the successful applicant upon completing their 90-day probationary period will be granted a reimbursement as long as a receipt is provided as proof of payment.
5. A successful applicant having a VSC within a 6-month time frame may be approved upon the Director's discretion.
6. Subsequent VSC's will be done prior to every 5th anniversary date before the VSC expires.
7. Offence declarations will be signed off each year except when the criminal sector check has been obtained.  This must be completed within 15 days after the anniversary date of the declaration or VSC.
8. The applicant must also sign a Confidentiality Agreement, to assure the discretion of information he/she may be privy to.
Human Rights Issues: The use of information obtained through the Canadian Police information system regarding outstanding criminal code charges and criminal code convictions for which a pardon has not been granted does not contravene the Ontario Human Rights Code.

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