The Discovery Program certifies its commitment to eliminate attitudes and behaviour directed at an individual or group based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic, background, citizenship, religious belief, or non-belief, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical challenges, education, and marital, economic or family status.  To provide an opportunity for staff, board members, children, and families to be free from bias, racism and discriminatory behaviour by taking a proactive approach to indifference by teaching and modeling positive interactions and conflict resolution skills.
The Discovery Program is committed to the inclusion of all children in our childcare program, regardless of their diverse strengths and needs.  Inclusion considers that all children will learn together in environments that provide services, supports and supplements for all children as needed.  The principle of inclusion goes beyond physical integration and fully incorporates values that promote equity, participation and a celebration of diversity.
Discovery believes that it is essential to have a positive, and responsive, learning environment based on each child's developmental level, strengths, needs, interests, experience, and values. We will create inclusive quality programming, where parents are an integral part, working with staff to create Individualized Plans for their children when required. We will work with community partners, such as Children's First and the City of Windsor, to enhance our abilities to support children with special needs through training and consultation. Discovery staff will access specialize advice and appropriate training in developing and implementing an inclusive program, building on existing strengths and accessing additional resources when required. We offer encouragement and support, cherishing each child's creativity and expression, and promote the well-bring of the child in all developmental areas. Discovery will encourage staff to work together to accomplish shared, identified goals. Curriculum and classroom modifications and implementation of individual program plans are decisions that are made through collaboration between Discovery staff, the parents and the special needs delivery agent.

General steps involved in reaching a resolution
While the actions of staff, children, parents, board or managers and others may vary according to who is involved, the following outlines some of the general steps involved in reaching a resolution. Each incident will be different. The intent is to bring about a positive resolution, while ensuring that discriminatory incidents are eliminated.
a) Once an incident occurs, it needs to be reported to the supervisor or designate. The supervisor has primary responsibility for ensuring that the incident is investigated. If the allegations involve the Supervisor, the board/operator, another manager should assume this responsibility. Depending on the severity of the incident, Children's Aid or the police may also need to get involved in the investigation.
b) In the case of incidents between children, staff must respond immediately to the children. Something must be done to re-establish the targeted child's self-esteem, as well as to change, not punish, the offending child's behaviour.
c) Treat all incidents in a manner similar to other serious occurrences, and report the incident within 24 hours. In some cases, joint meetings with the individuals may be appropriate. Thorough documentation is an essential component of the resolution process.
d) The process should conclude with a general assessment of the incident and response that includes identifying potential measures for prevention and any necessary follow-up actions.

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