Food from Home - Polices & Procedures

Polices & procedures are set out for Kindergarten & School Aged Children during PA Days, March Break & Summer Program

Bagged Lunch Policy

The Discovery School-Based Childcare Program of Kingsville, Inc. has created a bagged lunch policy that is consistent with the Ministry guidelines regarding nutrition.
Discovery provides a healthy continental style breakfast along milk and water to drink. Nutritious snacks will be provided, that are consistent with the Healthy Eating tool of the Canadian Food Guide along with water to drink.
On PA days and Holiday breaks when Discovery runs a full day program, children will be provided with breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks while the children will provide their own bagged lunch from home under the following guidelines:

1. Lunches must be peanut and nut free. All food labels must be read to ensure that the food product has not been contaminated with peanuts or any other nut products.

2. A list of allergies will be posted in each classroom. Children may be prohibited from bringing in other foods related to children's allergies or illnesses. 

3. Lunches and drinks should be labeled with each child's name to ensure there is no confusion.

4. Parents will be asked to provide ice packs for children's lunches that require refrigeration. Discovery cannot refrigerate children's lunches from home due to the health and safety concerns with cross-contamination.

5. Lunches should follow the Canada Food Guide to ensure the children receive proper nutrition. Examples of nutritious lunches include: Water bottle, 100% Juice box, Turkey and cheese on multigrain bread, grapes, cucumbers, and a granola bar.

6. CANDIES, CHIPS, POP, CHOCOLATE AND STICKY FOODS are to be avoided because of their low nutrient value and their high sugar content. From time to time, we do serve these items on special occasions however we ask that children do not bring these foods in their lunch on a regular basis.

7. In the event a child forgets their lunch, the teachers will call the parents, to see if a lunch drop off can be made.  Please remind your family member that no restaurants can be brought in, as there is no guarantee that they meal is peanut/nut safe.  If a lunch cannot be dropped off, the staff will provide a drink, a fruit and a cheese or jam sandwich.  A $7.00 fee will be charged to your account for Discovery having to supplement your child's lunch with nutritious items, and/or for your child not having a lunch provided daily.

8.  There will also be the option to purchase a lunch from Green Heart catering, as they provide lunch for our infants, toddlers, and pre-school programs.  This option will be available from Green Heart directly through their website.  Your child's lunch will come labelled with their name to your child's Discovery site in time for the lunch break.

9.  On occasion for special events, Discovery will provide a distinctive lunch, such as Pizza Day or Sub Day, which the cost will be covered by Discovery and not have an additional charge for children.

Discovery Staff Responsibilities will include:
All surfaces will be cleaned with a cleaning solution prior and after the children have their lunch. (The cleaning solution is approved by our Public Health Unit.)
Staff will ensure they wash their hands before assisting children with their lunches.
Staff will ensure children wash their hands prior to eating lunch.
Staff will monitor lunches to ensure food that arrives at the centre does not contain peanuts or nuts of any kind. Should the lunch contain the warning sign "may have come into contact with nuts" the child will be asked to put that item back in the lunch bag and the child will be supplemented with an alternate item from Discovery.
An alternate lunch will be provided if a child forgets their lunch. A courtesy call to the parent or guardian will be made and the food served will be recorded in the daily log.
Staff will encourage children not to share lunches.
Staff will supervise closely any child that has a life threatening allergy by sitting next to them or across from them during lunch time.
Staff will monitor each child's lunch and should a child's lunch consistently not adhere to Canada's Food Guide then they will work with the parent to provide sample menus.
Sample lunch ideas/websites will be available at the centre to support families.


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