Ontario Regulations 137/15: No licensee shall require as a condition of providing care for a child at a childcare centre it operates a prior consent from a parent of the child for the release of information with respect to the child.
Intent: This provision is intended to ensure that no child is refused services because a parent of the child has refused prior consent to release information as a condition of enrollment.
The Discovery Program confirms that the parents are not require to provide consent to the release of personal information concerning their child as a condition of enrollment.

All information contained in a child's record is considered privileged and confidential.  In our program, the only information contained in locked files (located on our premises) is that regarding your child's personal history, his/her present family situation, overall health assessment, and any other information required by the Regulation of our Authority.  The above information is only accessible to our staff and child's parents, under normal conditions.
All financial information which refers to tuition charges are kept in confidential files, with those having normal access being the Executive Director, Financial Assistant, Supervisors, Treasurer and Accountant.

The written consent of a parent, using a special consent form, should be obtained before:

A child's personal identifiable information is released to an outside researcher.
A child participates in any research project concluded while he/she is in attendance at our program.
Access to a child's record, without parental consent, may be given only to officials designated by law.
A child's records are the property of DISCOVERY SCHOOL-BASED CHILD CARE PROGRAM, and it is the Operator's responsibility to secure the information contained therein against loss, fire, theft, defacement, tampering and copying, or use by unauthorized person.

The Discovery Program is responsible to keep all information about enrolled child (ren) confidential. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all information pertaining to the child and the child's situation is kept confidential. Access to this information by Children's Service staff will be on a "need to know" basis. This policy is to ensure that all information is treated in a respectful and trusting manner, with the expectation that pertinent information will not be disclosed to anyone that does not have a signed release of information.
The consent to release/exchange information is reviewed with the parent at the time of registration and, if applicable, parent consent is required if there is child/parent agency involvement.
During the course of enrollment, it may be assessed that the child may need outside services to assist in behaviours. At this time parents/guardians will be made aware of such findings and the same procedure as noted above will apply.

It is the responsibility of the Discovery Child Care Program Supervisor or Designate to have informed consent prior to referring any child for services. The following forms are to be used for consent and disclosure of information.
a) Children First Form Informed consent for disclosing or accessing personal health consent
b) Classroom Program Support Application - Consent for release of information for Classroom Program Support
c) Discovery Consent of Information Disclosure Informed consent for disclosing or transmitting information or examining a record.
1) Ensure every reasonable effort will be made to keep the information confidential and to secure the child's records against loss, theft, vandalism, fire, etc.
2) Have the "Children First Form" signed by the parent or guardian that allows the exchange of information with internal and outside agencies and schools (i.e. Caseworker) or
3) Have the "Classroom Program Support Application" signed by the parent or guardian that allows the exchange of information with internal and outside agencies and schools (i.e. Caseworker) or
4) Have the Discovery Consent of Information Disclosure signed by the parent or guardian that allows the exchange of information for transmitting or examining a record.
5) Staffs that are working in direct contact with the child will have access to these records for a better understanding and approach for effectively working with the child.
6) Release of information about a child to an Early Childhood Education student should only be made within reasonable limits. Only information that is necessary for the student to work more effectively with the child should be released.
Release without Consent
Access to a child's records without parental consent may only be given to officials of the following jurisdictions:
a) Coroner's office
b) Courts, in response to a court order or warrant
c) Ombudsman
d) Authorities vested in provincial or federal statutes
e)  Minister and officials to whom he/she has delegated the authority.

The Municipal Freedom of Information and the Protection of Privacy Act is an act of the provincial government and is designed to balance the privacy rights of individuals with the right of the public to access information from municipal institutions, such as the City of Windsor. In order to achieve this, the Act regulates the manner in which municipalities collect, retain, use, disclose and dispose of personal information in its custody or control, while at the same time provides members of the public with a system to access records of information from municipalities.


I. Staff, students or volunteers who have behavioural concerns about a child will inform the Supervisor and the Supervisor along with the Director will discuss the options available to better assist the child in question.
II. The Supervisor will discuss with the child's parents/guardians the concerns and the options that are best suited for the behaviour exhibited. The proper forms will be filled out and consent will be signed before contacting any agency.
III. Discovery staff, students and volunteers are not permitted to discuss any information with outside agencies without parental consent in regards to child's personal information.
IV. The only time that signed consent is not needed is as per 'Release without Consent' noted above and as per our 'Child Maltreatment Policy'.
V. The information collected includes, but is not limited to, written records, photographs, and videos. Parents/ Guardians will have access to this information at any time, as well as staff, volunteers, and bookkeeper.
Privacy is a right for staff and children alike and must be protected. A confidentiality form must be signed at the time of orientation of a new staff. All children's records will be kept on file for three (3) years at the office and all financial information will be kept for seven (7) years.

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