Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that can be life threatening.  The allergy may be related to food, insect stings, medicine, latex, etc.  The purpose of this policy is to protect children with life threatening allergies and to provide relevant and important information on anaphylaxis to parents, staff, students, and visitors at the childcare centre.  This provision is intended to align with Sabrina's Law 2005, which requires all district school boards and school authorities in Ontario to develop an anaphylactic policy. This policy includes strategies to reduce the risk of exposure to anaphylactic causative agents, communication plan, development of a child's individual plan and emergency procedure and training.

To Reduce the Risk of Exposure
It is the responsibility of the Discovery Child Care Centre Supervisor or Designate to ensure that:
1. Each staff member will take an on-line E-Learning test through the Windsor-Essex Health Unit's website during orientation and each year after.  The staff member will hand in the completed certificate issued at the end of online training. 
2. A "nut-free" policy is adhered to within our centre and signs are posted throughout the centre (due to the fact that we are based in a school setting, it is impossible to guarantee a nut free environment)
3. All parents, staff and visitors to the centre are aware that food items cannot be brought to the centre for the children's consumption without permission from the Supervisor. All food items in lunches brought in will be inspected for traces of nuts and will then be labelled with the person's name.
4. Any special dietary needs for children due to allergies are to be discussed and agreed upon with the parent, and site Supervisor.
5. A "non-latex" policy is adhered to within our centre, unless otherwise approved by the Director or site supervisor, i.e.) in regards to balloons, they will only be used in the event that there are absolutely no latex allergies on site.
6. Non-latex gloves will be available for use by the staff, parents and children (i.e. first aid kits, outdoor garbage clean-up, etc.) are available at the centre.
7. The list of foods to avoid is revised as necessary, depending on the allergies of the children enrolled.
8. The policies related to food and latex is reviewed with all centre staff annually.
It is the responsibility of ALL Discovery Staff/ Persons at Discovery (Volunteers & Students) to:
1. Ensure proper hand washing procedures are being followed.
2. Continue educating parents regarding food items that are not permitted at the child care centre.
3. Look for hidden allergens in items such as play dough, stuffed animals, etc.
4. Communicate to all staff, students, trainees, volunteers and visitors who are scheduled to work in the classroom which children have anaphylaxis, making sure that they have signed and understand the child's individual plan.
5. Be aware of signs and symptoms related to anaphylaxis.
6. Ensure that the list of foods to avoid is revised as necessary, depending on the allergies of the children enrolled.
7. Know where the Epi-Pen and plan for each child is located.  All plans will be printed on green fluorescent paper and posted in food preparation/eating areas and classrooms.
8. Take special precautions for children with an anaphylactic individual plan and procedure when planning field trips and extra-curricular events, their Epi-pen is to be with you at all times.
9. Ensure that all food purchased, prepared and served for snacks and meals are free from all kinds of nuts.
10. Ensure that all pre-packaged food (i.e. store bought cookies, ice cream, etc) is free from risk of contamination of nut products.

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